Podcast: Are You Tired of Answering Questions?

“Am I doing this correctly?”

“Should I refer him to someone else or is this something we can handle?”

“Who is this payment for?”

“How does this look?”

As the leaders of our businesses, we inherit a daily (seemingly unending) barrage of questions. Our team relies on our guidance to progress.

Our role as the answer provider keeps employees moving forward but it also slows us down. Our long-term goals are distracted by immediate interruptions.

We subconsciously believe that our role as the answer provider is essential, but what would happen if you stopped answering those questions?

Would your firm crumble? Would your team pack up and leave?

No. In fact, removing yourself as the answer provider will actually do good. I was where you are now, needing to provide answers because I didn't have a system or culture in place that allowed otherwise.

Reaching the point where I was no longer distracted by questions happened abruptly. I didn't have a plan in place when my heart-attack took me out. You, on the other hand, can establish a smooth transition away from the questions.

Hit play and learn how to setup your firm for an independent work culture that lets you focus on growth.

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