Lee Rosen Lawyer and Executive Director at Rosen Institute Lee founded, grew, and sold a lucrative law firm while working remotely from 80+ countries.

If you’re a lawyer, avoid reading this at your own risk.

You’re not seeing the rewards you deserve. You do great legal work and you and your firm work your tail off. Yet, fifty, sixty and seventy hours weeks lead to jack-squat.

You’ve made time, created systems, added technology and automated... automated... and automated some more after that.

More work. More busyness. More clients. Where are the big paychecks?

You’re getting anxious and rightfully so. Running a law practice is one of the toughest jobs in the world. We know that... that’s why we created The Friday File for Law Practice Growth.

Skyrocket your firm’s revenue with just one email a week.

The Friday File for Law Practice Growth is written by me, Lee Rosen. I’m a lawyer that founded, grew and sold a lucrative law firm while working remotely in 80+ countries. During this wild adventure, I made a lot of mistakes and had some big success too. I share all of that with you in this weekly newsletter to help you avoid the hiccups and win big in your law practice.

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