Lee Rosen Lawyer and Executive Director at Rosen Institute Lee founded, grew, and sold a lucrative law firm while working remotely from 70+ countries.

She does great legal work and her firm is gaining traction, but she’s working harder harder and she’s not seeing the rewards she deserves.

“A few more hours in the day” is all she needs.

She made time – created systems, added technology, and automated more.

More work gets done – but, more money in her pocket? Not enough.

She raised prices. Revenues climb, but soon plateau. Frustrating.

Prices go up, retainers go down. The writing is on the wall – higher prices work but she needs more prospects and more clients.

Anxiety bubbles beneath the surface. She needs to keep the revenue flowing to keep the bills paid even if it means taking less profitable work. She doesn’t want to chase the new business, she wants the business to chase her.

She needs

  1. more and better clients,
  2. at higher prices, and
  3. to keep the business performing efficiently so the work is of the highest caliber.

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