2018 Marketing Accelerator Program

When you sign up for a Rosen Institute membership between now and January 1, you'll be enrolled in our 2018 Marketing Accelerator Program.

It's not going to be easy – if it was, you would have done it by now. All the normal benefits are there – the courses, podcasts, live calls, and exclusive content. But members in the Accelerator program will have access to a private Slack channel, curriculum, and extras. You're going to be working on leveling up with other lawyers who are laser-focused on growth.

We're hitting the ground running and refining your message, doing deep-dives on the samemarketing tactics I used to build a multi-million dollar practice, and going over specifics of how to implement technology and financial accountability in your firm.

You haven't held yourself accountable, and that's why the productivity and security of your firm aren't where you want them to be. You're ready to fix it. I'll see you inside.

Learn More – Premium Membership $169/month

ACHIEVE Your Goals

One mind gradually accomplishes goals. A community of minds refines a vision, hurdles roadblocks, and charges across the finish line. This is Rosen Institute.


It's time for progress, but it's not always fast enough.That's when we need fresh ideas, advice, feedback and a kick in the pants. That's the combination that shakes us up, gets us moving and makes things happen.

It's time to start winning. That's what we do at Rosen Institute. Your challenges spark collective discussion and creative ideas. Discussions become solutions you might have spent months struggling to reach—solutions you'll feel confident in executing—solutions that work.

You'll feel inspired—motivated to achieve greater success and break higher revenue goals. A month from now, you'll look back on today and thank yourself for not giving up.


Move Forward Now

You're Here…

Ambitious but struggling to find time to set your goals in motion. 

Paying your staff but not always paying yourself nearly enough.

Overloaded, trying to tackle marketing, sales, and finance alone.

Spending more time searching for solutions than “getting stuff done.”

But Want to Be…

ecommerce_graph3Focused on generating new clients and higher revenue.

ecommerce_walletBoosting efficiency and accomplishing more with lower payroll expense.

basic_clockEnjoying your spare time, not spending all hours of the night in your office.

basic_cupDelivering on the promises you made to your family…and yourself.

light-normalI once was lost and now…yes, I found Rosen Institute. Now I know ‘what’ to do. More importantly, I’m getting the ‘how’ to do it.

Plus I’m talking to real people, learning from their successes and setbacks and staying miles ahead of the technology and marketing game. I count on Institute members and programs to keep me moving in the right direction.

. . .

light-normalNew solos waste time reinventing the wheel. Rosen Institute gives me a large network of attorneys who've already been through the things I'm going through. Members are highly engaged and supportive, and openly discuss every aspect of the practice of law. Rosen Institute members helped me more than double my revenues in only 18 months. I'm very fortunate to have found the Rosen Institute early in my career and to have skipped many of the usual law practice missteps.

. . .

Sean Corcoran
Corcoran Family Law | Los Angeles, CA

light-normalLee Rosen is on another level. I have never learned so much in so short of a time. He is the guy that makes you think, question, test and think again. If you are looking to learn from a high level critical thinker then this is a game changer. You must take a chance and see what Lee can do. What I’ve learned has changed my entire perspective and, more importantly, prodded me to act.

. . .


William Umansky
Defense Attorney | Orlando, Florida

Maintaining a satisfactory law practice feels good, but tapping into the minds of a community to grow something hugely successful … that's exhilarating.


It's Time to Achieve Success

Courses & Classes

Available to nonmembers as standalone paid products, every Premium Rosen Institute member receives free access to these and other courses plus additional material and tools available exclusively through Rosen Institute.

The 10 most important rules for growing a more profitable and successful law practice.


The Fixed Fees Vault

Eliminate billing headaches and client anxiety. Transition from hourly to fixed fees.


Networking 101

The single most important marketing strategy you should invest in: yourself.


Building Law Office Systems

Future-proof your law practice with systems. Increase productivity and profit.


light-normalAt first I was questioning whether I just pissed money away. The truth is that I was not taking advantage of the Slack channels and hadn’t fully explored the resources. I started listening to the courses. Things started clicking. Then I connected on the Slack channels. Holy Cow! I was missing the boat! Now, Slack is open all the time. I'm streamlining and getting more profitable. I think the best thing about the Institute is the sense of community.  One of the things I missed after leaving my firm, was the ability to get creative with other lawyers at the end of the day.  Now, that interaction occurs 24/7.  I am now laser focused.

light-normalI joined the Rosen Institute to get access to an instant peer network and mentorship. Every month I have had the opportunity to learn from lawyers across the country about issues that affect my law practice every day. Lee Rosen and the Institute have helped to accelerate the growth of my law firm. The recordings of educational material on marketing, technology and management are richly and densely packed with relevant information. It also offers a place where you can brainstorm, complain about life, and share what's working. Of course, if everything is perfect, this isn't the place for you. But, if you struggle to manage the employees, clients, systems, and the rest of your life, join!

. . .

Exclusive Programming

In addition to all of our courses, premium members also get insider access, including master classes, website reviews, and a behind the scenes look at how things run at the Rosen Law Firm with new courses and materials each week. Here's just a glimpse at what you'll get.




Each month, Institute members come together to discuss the tough problems they encounter in their firms, such as:

  • When should I hire my first employee?
  • What should I prioritize? What comes first?
  • Which social media will get me more clients?
  • Which technology frees up the most time?
  • How do I balance getting more clients with getting things done?
  • Does charging for initial consultations bring better clients?
  • How do I get my initial consultations to hire me?
  • Can I pay my employees only if they’re making money for the firm?




A crash course in all things involved in running a law firm, with master classes, you'll learn how to:

  • Improve your marketing reach
  • Motivate your employees to earn more for your firm
  • Increase your referral sources
  • Create a website that will grow your client list
  • Make unique ad campaigns that convert
  • Spend more time working “on” the business instead of “in”

The best part? New classes come out each month, so there's always more to learn.




Get an exclusive look at how we run the Rosen Law Firm. Learn from our successes (and failures), including how to:

  • Hire the top associates (and keep them)
  • Make testimonial videos that drive new clients
  • Market to potential clients without lifting a finger
  • Use apps to cut your workload in half
  • Meet your clients' expectations
  • Generate business from unconventional platforms
  • Learn what they didn't teach you in law school



Rosen Institute is a community of lawyers and entrepreneurs in all stages of our professional careers. Some of us are driving hard — to create grand futures but struggling to find the time, money, or help needed to create our vision. Some are soaring higher by endlessly refining $10+ million firms.

With Rosen Institute, you have access to all of our stories, the paths we took to reach our goals, and the mistakes we overcame to grasp success. You'll understand the problems your future firm can avoid and detour around them before they ever have the chance to slow you down.


Overcome Your Obstacles

Learn Fast, Execute Faster

Here's a sampling of our master class topics. These actionable programs are taught for immediate implementation in your practice. Click any title to learn more.

Marketing Plans

Tell the right stories to the right people to get the right clients – month by month, step by step.

Intake Hiring

Hire an Intake team that turns calls to consults to clients time after time.

Referral Marketing

Turn community professionals into reliable referral sources.

Email Marketing

Create a drip email marketing campaign that does automatic client generation.

Start a Webinar

Create an effective webinar that turns potential clients into profit.

Virtual Assistants

Tackle your to-do list without the costs of an extra employee.

light-normalSince joining Rosen Institute, we’ve revamped our technology, added 3 associates, hired our first supervising attorney, and are opening another office. It’s great to be growing.

light-normalThe resources provided by the Rosen Institute have proven invaluable. I have added three lawyers with a fourth one on the way as well as an additional office. There is not a day that goes by without checking the site for new and valuable information.

light-normalI joined six months ago. My bottom line on if something is working is looking at our revenues, and since joining Rosen Institute, they've doubled. Higher revenues means more profit. This is working.

Here's Just a Peek at What You'll Get…

Master Classes
Each month, we dig into an important topic. You'll learn a step-by-step plan for growing your business bigger, stronger, and more profitable.

Stimulating Feedback
Feeling brave? Eager to grow? Submit your website for critique and get effective, simple to implement feedback from Lee himself.

Office Hours
Stop hitting the wall. Get actionable, real-world advice from Lee on a live call and overcome your obstacles.

Exclusive Content
Lee Rosen regularly releases critical resources designed to boost your business, exclusive to the Rosen Institute community.

Active Discussion
We're power problem-solvers. Every day, our members are involved in open dialogue on the mastermind forum. Add to it. Take away. Grow your practice.

Problem Solving
Driving yourself crazy with website problems? Trying to squash employee conflict? Post in the forum and get solutions.

Behind the Scenes
Lee Rosen gives you an insider's look into the secrets that keep his firm growing and teaches you how to make them work for you.

Premium Resources
Complimentary access to every online product on Rosen Institute. New resources and materials released each week. We'll help you keep up.

“It just takes time. No one gets there overnight.”

You've been telling yourself that for a while now. That's true, but progress can happen right now. It's time to take action, move forward, and win even more.

Stimulate Your Success Today

light-normalAs a new solo, the insight and advice I have access to as a Rosen Institute member is invaluable. There simply is no substitute for the day to day interaction with Lee and so many other similarly situated attorneys that I have come to rely on for idea vetting, helpful tips, suggestions, and everything else. Six stars on a five-star scale. My only hesitation in recommending it so highly is a fear that my competition will discover the Rosen Institute and start relying on it as I have. 

light-normalI was a keen reader of Divorce Discourse for about 2 years before I decided to join the Rosen Institute. I’m so glad I did. It's helped me to refine my offering to clients, making it easier to reach potential clients and offer high-quality services. The best thing about the Institute is how active Lee and his team are. The free resources on Divorce Discourse are generous, but the Rosen Institute is a whole new level. Between the Masterclasses, live calls and the members’ forum, there’s always something new to learn and adopt in my practice.

. . .

How involved is Lee Rosen? What role does he play?

Lee Rosen is deeply involved in all aspects of Rosen Institute, leading Q&A discussions, producing new educational content, and actively addressing practice related questions raised in the members-only forum.

How do live calls take place? What's the format?

Live calls take place online or by phone and are a general discussion based on the current needs of our members. Lee Rosen spearheads problem-solving, and the floor is open to all members.

Is this a “family law” community?

Not at all. Our members operate successful practices in a wide range of fields. More than a dozen practice areas are represented.

How will you help me address specific questions?

We’re avid forum users and keep member discussions going until we’ve resolved the question.

How personally involved is Lee Rosen?

Lee is deeply involved in the success of Rosen Institute members. He's active daily on the forum and leads the discussion during our online meetings.

I’m just starting out. What if I’m asking too many questions?

Ask until you can’t type anymore. Your questions help encourage new thinking and benefit the entire community.

Can I get a discount for other members of my team?

Discount? How does free sound? Just share your login credentials. It makes sense for anyone helping you grow your business to share in the educational benefits of Rosen Institute.

Will other members refer clients to me?

Becoming an active member of the community and expressing your commitment to success will not go unnoticed. We encourage everyone to grow their relationships outside of Rosen Institute as well. If you haven’t already, take the “Networking 101” course…it’s free with membership.

What kind of problems will I learn to solve?

Any problem you can think of will get the collective attention of our community.

What if Rosen Institute doesn’t work for me? Can I cancel?

Failure is not a part of Rosen Institute. We're a supportive community dedicated to making sure your membership produces success. But we never want anyone to feel trapped, and you can cancel anytime.

Fast Track Your Success

light-normal“I can’t tell you how energized and inspired I am. I love the courses, the mastermind group, the interaction among members and the collaborative and supportive spirit. I wish someone could bottle this up and sell it. Well, I guess that’s exactly what Lee Rosen has done.”

light-normalI wanted help getting my practice moving. Not just theory and dry information. Rosen Institute delivers for me. I couldn’t get my peers to share what is working for them, but that’s exactly what I learn on the Rosen Institute site. Real stuff that really works.

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