How to Help a Client Send a Big File

Regulars here at Divorce Discourse know I'm obsessed with moving big computer files.


I don't know. Maybe it's because there are new companies starting every week working to make it easier to move files? I find it endlessly fascinating.

Here's a scenario: you've got a client who needs to send you a big file (maybe it's a scan of the client's recent tax returns), and it's too big for your e-mail server to accept.

The client gets frustrated and is about to drive over to your office with the document.

Hold your horses, unhappy, frustrated client. We can make this easy for you.

How can the client send you the file?

Here's my latest solution:

First, open a Dropbox account if you don't already have one (it's free). You should do that regardless of whether you need to receive a big file (it's a seriously handy service for backing up, syncing, and transferring files).

Second, open an account at FileStork (also free). You can use your Dropbox username and password to set it up.

You're good to go.

FileStork will give you a web address that you send to your client. The client will click on the link and upload the file. The file will then appear in your Dropbox.

You can request a single file from the client, or you can set up a permanent link for numerous uploads. It's pretty sweet, and it works really well. I'm using it as we speak. Try it: it's free, and it works.

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