Why Some Clients Don’t Call After Visiting Your Website

A new visitor arrives at your website. He or she came for a reason. It’s not an accident. The visitor has an agenda.

Something happened. It might have been something that happened this morning. Maybe it was last night. Maybe it was a series of happenings all leading to this moment. Something triggered the visit.

The triggering event raised questions. It raised concerns, fears, and issues. This person has lots on his or her mind. Coming to your site isn’t a trivial event. After all, you’re not Facebook, Google News, or AddictingGames.com.

The question is this: When visitors arrive at your site, do you have a response to the triggering event? Do they immediately know that they’ve come to the right place?

Some visitors come seeking counsel. They’re ready to move forward, and they want to know what you do, how you do it, and how much it costs. Others are seeking answers to their questions about divorce. They aren’t ready to move forward; they just want to understand their rights.

Some are experiencing the situation as an emergency, while others are organizing a plan they intend to implement over the long term. They each process the trigger and respond in a unique way.

It’s important for you to think about your visitors and what caused them to come to your site. You need to put your head inside their head and make sure your site speaks to them in the most effective way.

There is no universal approach to prospective clients. It’s important, however, that you address your visitors’ concerns and are cognizant of the reason for their visit. Don’t emphasize the things you might think are important. Focus on the things they think are important. If you don’t, that will be the reason they didn’t call you after visiting your website.

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