Note from a Client about Trust

I called you, and you took two days to call me back. I went a little nuts when you called back. I was angry that it took you so long to call.

Yes, you were busy. You had a good excuse for taking so long.

Why did I lose it? Why did I leave you 8 voicemails in two days? Why did I get nasty with your receptionist?

Here’s why:

I told you my secrets.

I gave you my money.

You committed to help me keep the things that matter most in my life.

I understand that I won’t always understand what it is you’re doing for me. I won’t understand the documents you prepare for me. I won’t understand every detail of every detail.

You told me things are going to be okay.

I desperately, desperately need to trust you. My plan is to do what you tell me to do. My plan is to trust you.

When you don’t return my call, I worry that I’m trusting the wrong person. I’m questioning my judgment about you. I’m starting to panic. I’m anxious that I might have trusted the wrong person (again).

I can’t wait two days. I don’t have that much trust in me yet.

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