Podcast: 16 Ways To Hold Onto Rockstar Employees

Once in a while, you stumble across the perfect employee. Every other hire before them pales in comparison. These people are your rockstars.

Rockstar employees finish work faster than you can think of tasks to give them. When their to-do list is empty, they don’t just sit around killing time – they create new work that propels your firm forward.

While other employees feel owned by the business, rockstars act like they own your business. They don’t just complete work, they find new ways to improve your systems. They incorporate long-term goals into their decision making.

Rockstars bring more than productivity. They are intuitive, resourceful, and passionate. They are the rocket fuel that supercharges the rest of your team.

Once you find a rockstar, make that person a priority. The best employees are in high demand – another firm is ready to poach. Or perhaps your rockstar will realize they’re worth more and go off on their own.

Holding onto the very best employees takes effort. Their value far exceeds the monetary price tag of their salary. Here are 16 ways to keep them on your team.

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