Podcast: The Nobody Else Can Do It Disease

Do you find yourself thinking “I am the only one who can… (fill in the blank)”?

Don't trust your associates to conduct initial consultations? Is your refined sense of organization preventing you from filling the empty operations position? Do you find yourself controlling trial cases?

You may be infected with the “Nobody Else Can Do It” disease.

It's time to let go and level up. Free yourself from debilitating time-loss and shift your focus to higher level business growth with this podcast.

Pull yourself out of the day-to-day muck that slows overall law firm growth and start managing a smarter, more efficient law firm.

*This podcast is intended to cure the “Nobody Else Can Do It” disease. Take once during infection and whenever symptoms reoccur for a stronger, faster-growing practice. Hit play to begin your first dose and experience freedom.

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