Podcast: Your Vision is Fragile – How to Keep it Alive

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I met with an ambitious lawyer. She was fired up about her firm and radiated enthusiasm.

Nine months ago, she had coordinated a weekend retreat with her team. They brought in a consultant, had fun between serious goal sessions, and headed home a stronger unit. She loved the retreat and described it to me as powerful, positive and team-building.

I think that’s great stuff. It’s impossible to achieve your vision if there isn’t a defined, guided direction for everyone.

But that dynamic weekend was nine months ago. Was it still working? I knew she had done little to reinforce the purpose of the retreat since returning to the office.

As I sat with her at lunch, I imagined her asking her associates about the purpose of their retreat. I pictured blank stares. Undoubtedly, their focus would be on the immediate project with a deadline. Then there’s the car trouble, relationship woes, and after-work plans that all take precedence. Maybe a couple of people would regurgitate scripted lines, but the law firm’s vision had most likely been lost in the day-to-day shuffle.

Without reinforcement, it’s natural that your employees will lose sight of the vision you so clearly picture in your mind. In this episode, learn what it takes to keep your team energized and focused on the finish line.

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