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Premium Membership • $189/mo

You've found a home for turbo-charging your marketing

Be part of a group of ambitious lawyers and successful law firm owners, and activate your energy for growth. Together, we are overcoming obstacles, building on our collective triumphs, and creating something greater than ourselves—join us, and realize the full potential of your practice.

Marketing Accelerator Checklist

You've heard me talk about how critical your story and your client's story are for marketing your practice, regardless of the broadcast tactics you use.

It's why you're here—what I've said resonated with you.

I know your story because I've been there. I've bought the ads and the shiny new marketing gadgets, and been disappointed when their effectiveness plateaued too soon, or they just didn't work at all.

This is the year that changes.

This is the year the excuses end. When you join a community that holds you accountable, you can build a practice that you’ll be proud of, which will provide you with the resources and lifestyle you deserve.

This is the year you stop worrying about when another slow month will hit. Instead, you’ll start thinking about how to handle all the new client calls, how to invest the extra revenue to build the practice you want, and what to do with your weekends now that you can charge enough to take better cases and stop working 24/7.

Our brains are hardwired for the stories; that's why they work.

When you join Marketing Accelerator 2019, we'll work through creating and honing your stories, step-by-step. You'll get feedback from me and from other attorneys who are focused on turbo-charging their marketing.

I'm going to walk you through the process of crafting your story. We're going to break it up into easy-to-follow steps, so that we can work through it day-by-day. We're building from the ground up, so there's no room for excuses; you just have to show up and participate.

We'll be creating the marketing stories that will resonate with your clients and referral sources so that we can turn on the revenue pipeline.

From there, we'll find the marketing approach that works for you. You aren't going to do what you don't want to do, but the good news is that there's a strategy that works for everybody, regardless of your marketing personality.

Then we'll dive into practical examples of these strategies, so that you can start to use the stories to turbo-charge your marketing.

But be warned, we're going to hold you accountable for making the push that turns on the new client firehose. Once you commit, we'll hold your feet to the fire, to make sure you succeed.

When you join the Marketing Accelerator, you'll be enrolled in our premium monthly membership, which will give you instant access to our extensive library of courses, lessons, and live-calls, covering everything from technology and marketing, to finance and management.

We're doing something special for this program: when you join the Accelerator, we'll postpone your first renewal to February 1, 2020, so you have the rest of December to meet the community in Slack, and explore the existing resources, before we jump in with the Marketing Accelerator program in January.

If you've gotten what you need, feel free to leave at the end of the month and start building the practice you deserve. If you need the motivation and accountability that comes from being in a community of like-minded law firm owners, laser-focused on building their practices, we hope you'll stay and keep growing with us.

The stories connect you to referral sources and clients

This is as close as you're going to get to a magic bullet—it's really that powerful.

Up until now, you've felt like your practice is happening to you, rather than you directing it. Wins have never been great, because they seem random, and losses have felt unfair, because you know you’re doing better work than other attorneys in your area.

The Marketing Accelerator 2020 has started, but it's not going to last forever. We have a tailor-made curriculum planned, beginning January 2nd, to help you generate the kinds of clients you want, who can pay the fees you deserve. From there, you have access to all the benefits of the Rosen Institute premium membership.

When registration ends and we start the program, the door will close. It isn't fair to let new people in once we get moving. We're ready to get started, and I can't wait to help you share your story.

The Rosen Institute taught me... to go from simply practicing law to building a successful law firm that will provide for my family. When I first joined the Rosen Institute, my firm was not where it needed to be in terms of revenue. After listening to Lee’s podcasts and having Lee and others in the Institute analyze how I had my firm structured, my revenues grew significantly and I started building the law firm that I had imagined when I first started.

Jamaal Stafford
Jamaal Stafford Employment Law • Baltimore, MD

Lee has accomplished what most lawyers only dream about.

He has created a very successful practice that he runs remotely while traveling the globe with his wife. Lee and his right hand man Ned operate Rosen Institute through which they provide a wealth of information and teach lawyers how to build a thriving practice. Lee is incredibly smart, innovative, personable, tech-savvy, and generous. I take pride in knowing him and I recommend his services to anyone who wants to elevate their practice without limitation.

Sol Khorsandi
Sol Khorsandi DUI Defense • Beverly Hills, CA

I came across Rosen Institute during my research...

for help and support for my ambitious of scale my small law practice and I have found great educational material which helped me to develop my solo practice into a firm of five people.

What really changed and worked for me (key factors) were: 1) putting process in place (we are currently doing our ISO 9001/2015 for quality management system), 2) developing a vision which I share with my team and 3) counting on great support from the community.

Thomas Paoletti
Thomas Paoletti International Business Contracts • Dubai, UAE

Thanks to Rosen Institute, I now have a vision,...

...guidance and tools which inspire me to make better decisions about growing my practice and achieving my goals.

Working with Lee, Ned and the members has helped me clarify what I want and pushed me to take action. I’m having fun and learning a ton while doing it. I’ve picked up ideas that have saved me months of agony that would have been required to research them myself.

It is super-motivating to be a part of the Institute.

Giselle Carson
Giselle Carson Immigration • Jacksonville, FL
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What happens when I join?

When you sign up, you will be enrolled in Rosen Institute Premium - the program that has helped more than 500 firm owners level up their practices. You will receive immediate access to all of the existing Rosen Institute courses and programs on, as well as access to our private Slack community focused on discussions with other attorneys about marketing, technology, finance, and management.

You will also be added to a private channel within the Slack group for Marketing Accelerator 2020, where on January 2nd, we'll dive in to a two month program with daily videos and assignments from me, as well as feedback and ideas about your stories and marketing techniques from the rest of the group.

The program runs for two months. If you would like to stay on to keep working on your business, your membership will auto-renew every month. You can cancel at any time.

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Daily Assignments

Tackling your marketing is a big project, and it's easy to tell yourself that you just don't have enough time. In addition to instant access to Lee and the rest of the group, you'll get quick daily video assignments you can complete in just a few minutes that will allow you to make consistent forward progress toward crafting the marketing stories that will propel your client growth.

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Thriving Slack Community

Compare notes, get insight, and share feedback with a tight-knit community of 200+ lawyers who are laser-focused on building, growing, and expanding their practices.

I once was lost and now…

yes, I found Rosen Institute. Now I know ‘what’ to do. More importantly, I’m getting the ‘how’ to do it.

Plus I’m talking to real people, learning from their successes and setbacks and staying miles ahead of the technology and marketing game. I count on Institute members and programs to keep me moving in the right direction.

Tracy Rhodes
Tracy Rhodes Rhodes Law • Marietta, GA

New solos waste time reinventing the wheel.

Rosen Institute gives me a large network of attorneys who’ve already been through the things I’m going through.

Members are highly engaged and supportive, and openly discuss every aspect of the practice of law. Rosen Institute members helped me more than double my revenues in only 18 months. I’m very fortunate to have found the Rosen Institute early in my career and to have skipped many of the usual law practice missteps.

Sean Corcoran
Sean Corcoran Corcoran Family Law • Lake Charles, LA

Breakthroughs happened for me.

Rosen Institute works for me. We had our best year ever at the firm. We’re working hard and I’ve learned enough to be able to take time away knowing my office will be functioning when I return. Our business is growing, we’re maintaining a positive culture, staying focused on serving our clients, and keeping our team happy.

Lee has written and recorded a ton of informative and inspirational content for Institute members. Hearing his insights from 20+ years of running a successful firm gives me the determination and motivation to keep improving my practice. I know that I’m heading in the right direction because of the support I have as part of Rosen Institute.

Laura Atkinson
Laura Atkinson Atkinson Family Law • Victoria, BC

Lawyers, me included, are prone to hyperbole.

What follows, though, is not. The Rosen Institute is a superb and comprehensive resource for successful management of small and solo law firms. The depth and breadth of the content and member contributions is impressive.

In addition to accessing the insights of Lee Rosen, the force behind the institute, from his decades of managing an innovative small law firm and the technical knowledge of Ned Daze, the institute’s law-firm related technology guru, members themselves actively share updates, experiences, trials and tribulations from their own experiences—though virtual, it is a true community of similarly-situated colleagues. Highly recommended.

Mark Sullivan
Mark Sullivan General Corporate Counsel • Pittsburg, PA

Lee Rosen is on another level.

I have never learned so much in so short of a time. He is the guy that makes you think, question, test and think again. If you are looking to learn from a high level critical thinker then this is a game changer. You must take a chance and see what Lee can do. What I’ve learned has changed my entire perspective and, more importantly, prodded me to act.

William Umansky
William Umansky Defense Attorney • Orlando, FL

Shhhhhh….don’t tell anyone this...

but if you've landed on the Rosen Institute website you've figured out how I 'know' what I know about law office technology. I'm not one to jump into a financial commitment to a law-related vendor quickly, but I signed up the second I learned about this one over two years ago. It's been a great investment of time and money for me, and I've made some great new colleague-friends across the country and around the world. As long as you don't practice matrimonial law in Monmouth county NJ you should seriously consider signing up.

Steve Kaplan
Steve Kaplan Family Law • Colts Neck, NJ

Courses & Classes

Available to nonmembers as standalone paid products, every Premium Rosen Institute member receives free access to these and other courses plus additional material and tools available exclusively through Rosen Institute.

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Zapier Mastery


course preview

Law Office Systems Building


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Networking 101


course preview

On-Page SEO


course preview

Outsourcing Projects


course preview

Saving Time With TextExpander


I'm just starting out. What if I ask too many questions?

Ask until you can’t type anymore. Your questions help encourage new thinking and benefit the entire community. You'll find a knowledgeable group eager to help you out, and learning partners with similar questions.

Will other members refer clients to me?

Becoming an active member of the community and expressing your commitment to success will not go unnoticed. We encourage everyone to grow their relationships outside of Rosen Institute as well. If you haven’t already, take the “Networking 101” course…it’s free with membership.

How involved is Lee?

I’m here inside Rosen Institute on a daily basis. I’m around answering questions, asking deeper questions, pushing folks forward, and using my experience for your benefit. There’s nothing automated, disconnected, or pre-recorded about my engagement.

I'm in a Facebook group for lawyers - how is this different?

Facebook groups are great for gab-fests and commiserating about being a lawyer, but not so great for guidance, direction, and structured approaches to building and implementing your vision and growing your practice. With a new course, lesson, or live call every week, dedicated mini-mastermind small-groups, and constant, targeted community feedback, you're on the field making the plays, not in the bleachers missing the action.

I'll be ready after this next trial...

No, you won't. There will always be another deadline, another trial, and another urgent client matter. We specialize in lawyers who "just don't have time". This is a program and a community built around giving you the tools to extract yourself from the practice in a way that means things can run smoothly without your constant supervision. It's your job to show up, but once you do, we'll help you get your business in order.

How can I access the courses, calls, and community?

Everything is available on the website, and in our dedicated mobile app. You can load up on lessons and listen to them in the car, on a flight, or while you're jogging. You get full access to every program we offer and can use the Slack app for desktop and mobile to check in with the community wherever you are, and join our live calls via your mobile device, telephone, or the web.

Live Q&A Sessions

Regular live video conferences give you a chance to ask questions and get answers from Lee, as well as interact with other members face-to-face.

I was a keen reader of the Friday File

for about 2 years before I decided to join the Rosen Institute. I’m so glad I did. It’s helped me to refine my offering to clients, making it easier to reach potential clients and offer high-quality services. The best thing about the Institute is how active Lee and his team are. The free resources on Divorce Discourse are generous, but the Rosen Institute is a whole new level. Between the Masterclasses, live calls and the members’ forum, there’s always something new to learn and adopt in my practice.

Catriona Hartigan
Catriona Hartigan Hartigan Law • Adeliade, AU

As a new solo,

the insight and advice I have access to as a Rosen Institute member is invaluable. There simply is no substitute for the day to day interaction with Lee and so many other similarly situated attorneys that I have come to rely on for idea vetting, helpful tips, suggestions, and everything else. Six stars on a five-star scale. My only hesitation in recommending it so highly is a fear that my competition will discover the Rosen Institute and start relying on it as I have.

Brian Moore
Brian Moore The Moore Law Firm • Lynchburg, VA

I love having 24/7 access via Slack!

I was talking with my grown kids and remarked that I think I’ve learned more in the last 5 years than at any other five year period of time. Here’s how it works: when I get stuck or am unsure – I ask the Slack group for guidance – without fail I get a thoughtful response that offers guidance and accelerates my learning – thanks!!

Marty Fogarty
Marty Fogarty Estate Planning • Glenview, IL

The resources provided by the Rosen Institute have proven invaluable.

I have added three lawyers with a fourth one on the way as well as an additional office. There is not a day that goes by without checking the site for new and valuable information.

Kevin Hickey
Kevin Hickey Kevin Hickey Law • Fort Smith, AK

I started with the Rosen Institute 2 years ago...

...because I needed help in expanding my practice. Since then, Lee's advice has been instrumental in how we market our services, compensate employees, charge clients for our services, and set up systems and procedures. There literally is no area of the practice we have not improved. Since joining the Institute, I feel professionally rejuvenated. I also feel part of a community of likeminded attorneys, where I can share ideas and learn about business issues large and small. If you want to revamp your practice, I highly recommend the Rosen Institute, which would be a bargain at many times its price.

Scott Riemer
Scott Riemer Disability and ERISA • New York, NY

Rosen Institute has been a valuable resource for my practice.

Lee presents information in a straight forward and practical way based on his experience as a law firm owner. When he gives you information, he explains the steps and the reasons why. The Master Classes, monthly calls, and information shared among the other members is invaluable. Thank you!

Regina Taylor
Regina Taylor Adoption • Gastonia, NC
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Since joining Rosen Institute...

we’ve revamped our technology, added 3 associates, hired our first supervising attorney, and are opening another office. It’s great to be growing.

Brian Walters
Brian Walters Family Law • Houston, TX

I joined six months ago

My bottom line on if something is working is looking at our revenues, and since joining Rosen Institute, they’ve doubled. Higher revenues means more profit. This is working.

Sam Byrd
Sam Byrd Criminal Defense • Chattanooga, TN

Rosen Institute has been an amazing source...

of practical guidance and inspiration. The caliber of the members is top notch. With all of the tools provided here, I have no excuse if I don’t soon have the best and biggest immigration firm on the West Coast. I’m on my way.

Eric Widman
Eric Widman Immigration Law • Portland, OR

I can’t tell you how energized and inspired I am

I love the courses, the mastermind group, the interaction among members and the collaborative and supportive spirit. I wish someone could bottle this up and sell it. Well, I guess that’s exactly what Lee Rosen has done.

Cathy Cardozo
Cathy Cardozo Family Law • Abington, PA
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At first I was questioning whether I just pissed money away.

The truth is that I was not taking advantage of the Slack channels and hadn’t fully explored the resources. I started listening to the courses. Things started clicking. Then I connected on the Slack channels. Holy Cow! I was missing the boat!

Now, Slack is open all the time. I’m streamlining and getting more profitable. I think the best thing about the Institute is the sense of community. One of the things I missed after leaving my firm, was the ability to get creative with other lawyers at the end of the day. Now, that interaction occurs 24/7. I am now laser focused.

Rod Stephens
Rod Stephens The Stephens Law Firm • Puyallup, WA

I joined the Rosen Institute to get access to an instant peer network and mentorship.

Every month I have had the opportunity to learn from lawyers across the country about issues that affect my law practice every day. Lee Rosen and the Institute have helped to accelerate the growth of my law firm.

The recordings of educational material on marketing, technology and management are richly and densely packed with relevant information. It also offers a place where you can brainstorm, complain about life, and share what’s working. Of course, if everything is perfect, this isn’t the place for you. But, if you struggle to manage the employees, clients, systems, and the rest of your life, join!

Rod Stephens
Billie Tarascio Modern Law • Scottsdale, AZ

I didn’t even know what I didn’t know.

I joined Rosen Institute two years ago to help take my new solo practice into the world of technology and automation. I quickly got that, and then I learned that I didn’t even know what I didn’t know.

Lee is all about working smarter, not harder. It was a paradigm shift. I hated hourly billing and collection challenges – problem solved: Fixed Fees and better targeted clients. I didn’t enjoy certain aspects of law practice (QDROs and brief writing) – problem solved: Outsourcing. Even if I don’t include the new client referrals from other Institute members; to date, this has been my best investment of both time and money for the future of my law practice.

Irven Penn
Irven Penn Family Law • Atlanta, GA

I highly recommend Rosen Institute.

I have been a member for three years and find that the Institute returns value month after month. The Institute provides an opportunity to share information and ideas with other like minded professionals unlike any other forum of which I have been a part. Lee Rosen knows his stuff and he is willing to share.

Charlotte Christian
Charlotte Christian The Alabama Law Group • Huntsville, AL

Breakthroughs happened for me.

They say we’re the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time. I dramatically upped my average by joining. That’s when the breakthroughs happened and my practice grew fast. It hasn’t stopped happening yet.

Ryan Mckeen
Ryan Mckeen Connecticut Trial Firm • Glastonbury, CT

Premium Membership provides me with essential tools for starting my practice.

I’ve connected with other practitioners. I’ve peaked behind the curtain to learn what technology, systems, and marketing works for others. My participation keeps me focused on my vision and achieving my goals.

Laura Schantz
Laura Schantz Schantz Family Law • Beaverton, OR
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The Rosen Institute is one of the top resources our firm utilizes for success.

The repository of information for members on its website, frequent updates by Lee and his staff, and the large Slack community of fellow lawyer-entrepreneurs (including Lee himself) all make it a "must-have" for lawyers serious about improving their law practices. We have reaped exponentially more benefit from the program than the cost. I can't recommend it enough (and often do when I lecture on practice management and the practice of law).

Kellam Parks
Kellam Parks Family Law and Small Business Law • Virginia Beach, VA

If you're passionate about justice and want to be best lawyer you can be...

...for your clients, for your staff and for your community - talk to Lee Rosen. Lee is not just another business coach – he spent 30 years perfecting the practice of law and, whatever your sticking points, he will take you to the next level.

Ariel Brott
Ariel Brott Immigration Law • Melbourne, VIC

Rosen Institute is worth every penny...

...and challenged me to critically assess my practice, my firm and my future in a way I had not expected, but thoroughly enjoyed. I give the program and team at Rosen Institute my highest of recommendations.

Jason Ochs
Jason Ochs Injury and Liability • Jackson, WY

Premium Membership provides me with essential tools for starting my practice.

I’ve connected with other practitioners. I’ve peaked behind the curtain to learn what technology, systems, and marketing works for others. My participation keeps me focused on my vision and achieving my goals.

Martin Behn
Martin Behn Estate Planning • Palo Alto, CA
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