Here's The One Strategy That Can Take Your Law Practice From Zero to $1 Million in Just 12 Months...

Whether you're fresh out of law school or you're frustrated with an average income

Introducing Networking 101

Discover the true leverage, nuts and bolts, insider secrets, and critical misconceptions of networking for lawyers.

When I'm asked by students what the “secret" to building a successful law practice is, that is getting all the clients they can handle—I can always give one answer.

I teach both new and mid-career lawyers how to build their practices, and this one strategy can take a practice from no dollars (and no clients) at all ... to $1 million in revenue (and beyond). In fact, one of my students did just that in 12 months' time.

But don't let this result distract you. All lawyers at any stage of their career (that includes you) can use this one strategy to build their practice exponentially. The best parts of this strategy are:

• It's systematic.
• It's simple to do.
• It's enjoyable to do.
• It's a professional way to grow your practice.
It can be done as part of your current daily activities.

This strategy solves the one problem that is keeping you up at night ... staying busy with paying work from clients who can afford you.

Not having a steady stream of paying clients can cause unnecessary anxiety, stress, and digestive issues ... and it can make you think you have to work extra hours just to make ends meet.

You won't have to do that any longer.

Here's a VERY small sample of what you'll discover inside Networking 101:

You'll finally be able to sleep restfully

once you discover the true power of networking (properly)...

Don't worry.

I'm not talking about some random, unfocused (and quite frankly, slow producing) networking strategy here.

You won't have to go to networking events (they're terrible anyhow). You won't have to randomly flip business cards to strangers (everybody else is). And you won't have to do “awkward networking" at some Chamber meeting either.

This networking is low anxiety and high impact. It will leave you feeling good.

In short, building your professional network properly works.

It's a proven, time-tested, absolutely foolproof approach to staying busy and growing your practice.

Soon, you'll have a steady stream of new clients coming via referrals from within your tight-knit group of new friends.

Why building your network properly will be fun...

You're going to love getting referrals from other professionals. When another professional refers prospective clients to you...

The prospects are very likely to retain you.

They’re far more likely to pay a premium fee.

They come to you prepared to trust you.

Someone they trust already trusts you.

Nothing in your marketing toolbox is more powerful or efficient than generating referrals by growing and nurturing your professional network.

It's where you should focus the bulk of your marketing time and energy. But some lawyers are afraid to do it or think it's too much work. They're wrong.

That's why I built Networking 101 ... a systematic, step-by-step, multimedia course to generating new clients through growing your network.

In the modules of this course, each one filled with video, audio, and text lessons ... I'll carefully guide you through the whole networking process.

I promise that you won't end up at a networking event cornered by a life insurance salesperson (you won't want to, and you won't have to).

You will end up at lunch with someone you'll enjoy talking to and getting to know.

You'll also enjoy making a new friend, and you'll appreciate having someone new in your life whom you can help and who's willing to help you build your practice.

How you can realistically get to $1 million in 12 months by following this course?

Start with these 3 questions...

I've Done Some Math for You

The 20 referral sources times 6 referrals each per year equals 120 total referrals. Since only 5 out of each group of 6 turns into a paying client ... you have 100 total revenue-generating transactions.

With an average total fee of $10,000 per client (realistic in many practice areas), those 100 paying referrals generate $1 million in annual revenue for your practice.

Just those twenty relationships will generate more than enough business to keep you busy practicing law.

So if you don't have 20 referral sources who produce a steady stream of clients, you need this course. Follow this course, and you can make this math work for you, this year.

But even if you do have these referral sources, you still have to maximize each and every one, each and every year. This course takes you by the hand and shows you how to do that too.

Let me show you how to identify the right referral sources, get to know them, build your relationship, and reap the rewards. It's a simple, straight forward, time-tested, reliable approach.

You can make it work for you. I promise.

The only people for whom networking doesn't work are those people who don't do it.

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