Sending Big Files without the Cloud

It must seem like I’m obsessed with sending big files over the Internet. I’ve written about a multitude of file-sharing services over the past few months. I just keep finding new products that appeal to the geek in me.

Here’s the scenario: you’ve just scanned a CLE manuscript and created a big PDF file. It’s big, like 125 megabytes big, and it’s sitting on your computer desktop. You’d like to send it to your associate.

How will you get it to her?

E-mail won’t work. The file exceeds the attachment size limitations of most services. Gmail, for instance, limits you to 25 megabytes.

You could upload it to Dropbox (which I love, use all the time, and which provides 2 GB for free), but it would take some time for the file to upload to its cloud-based server. Once you’re signed up for Dropbox, it’s easy to use, but if you haven’t yet signed up and figured it out, it takes a few minutes to use the first time around.

Alternatively, you could try a service like YouSendIt. It’ll let you send a file through its server for free. Unfortunately, its free service limits file size to 100 megabytes. Our 125 megabyte file would require us to sign up for a paid account.

Now you’re starting to see why I like Sendoid. It has no file size limit. There’s no software to download (unless you’re sending files larger than 600 megabytes). Sendoid is free, and it doesn’t involve files going from your machine to a server and then on to the recipient. The files go straight from your machine to your recipient and, if that person is on the same network as you (in your office), the transfer is lightning fast.

Oh, did I mention that the service is free?

On top of all that, Sendoid is easy (like totally lawyer proof) to use. With just a click or two, your file is ready to go, and it sends a link for download.

Yes, I’m obsessed with file sending. I’m not quite sure why, but I hope my obsession is making it easier for you to get your work done and your files moved through these glorious tubes.

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