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We used to use the traditional hourly billing method in our practice. The problem was, no matter what we tried to simplify or how we tried to explain the billing to our clients, we frequently encountered client confusion.

A percentage of our clients just couldn't seem to understand the need to deposit more and more money into our trust account as they continued to need our services. This triggered upset clients (and headaches for our firm). But we came up with a solution...

We made an almost overnight transition to a fixed-fee arrangement with our clients. We can't tell you that the transition was easy, but the results after the transition were encouraging: greater revenue and fewer client billing headaches. The rest of our full story about this transition (and more) is available in our brand-new Fixed-Fee Resource Vault.

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Our Story
Our entire story about the transition to fixed-fees. The results, good and bad, are revealed in both audio and abridged text version.
Sample Agreements
Sample client agreements you can download and model. The same ones we actually use in our practice for this fixed fee arrangement.
Refund Strategy
How to deal with paid client refund requests so your clients don’t feel trapped if they do want to switch firms.
Avoiding Traps
How to avoid the “Fixed-Fee Trap” when you have an out-of-control client.
How to utilize your newfound creative freedom when you transition to fixed fees.
New Options
We’ll show you what you can do when you’re no longer subject to client-based constraints.
Budget Tips
How to budget while charging fixed fees to avoid the “feast and famine” cycles in your practice.
Pro Sales Tips
How to overcome the “I Can’t Afford You” objection when charging a fixed-fee.

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Even if you're not ready to switch...

this resource vault also contains valuable insights for hourly billing, like...

11 steps to stop losing sleep over hourly billing receivables.

How (and why) to stop nickel and diming your clients to death (like an airline).

How to make clients pay their bills on time.

The inside scoop on extending credit to your clients.

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