10 Things Lucky Lawyers Do Differently

Some lawyers have amazingly successful practices.

She's “just lucky” is what some lawyers will say about her.

They're right: she is lucky.

The question is, how can you get lucky like her?

Here are 10 things “lucky” lawyers do differently:

1. They talk to other parents at their kids' events. They're sure to mention what they do for a living, and they're happy to answer questions and make referrals.

2. They go out to events in their community. Whether it's concerts, plays, city council meetings, or protests, they're there. You see them out and about all the time.

3. They volunteer in the community. They're helping with Habitat for Humanity house building, attending committee meetings for the domestic violence agency, and serving on the PTA board. They say yes when they're asked.

4. They chat with people in line. Whether they're waiting to get their movie ticket or to renew their driver's license, they're meeting the people standing near them and getting to know their neighbors.

5. They join clubs. They're in Rotary and other local groups. They show up at the meetings and get to know everyone involved.

6. They have parties. They invite people to parties at their homes and have open houses at their office. They invite the folks from the neighborhood and the other tenants in the building. They put out a big spread and make sure everyone has a good time.

7. They have hobbies. Some play golf, some read, and some knit. Whatever they choose, they go at it full blast. They visit the knitting store and get to know everyone, and they're regulars at the golf course. If they read, they frequent the bookstore, and they join a book club.

8. They jump in and help at school, in the neighborhood, etc. When the neighborhood association needs help planting flowers at the entry, they show up with a shovel. When it's school cleanup weekend, they bring a rag and a bucket. They welcome being asked for help, and they show up on time, ready to go.

9. They step up to lead at church and elsewhere. When a leadership vacancy occurs, they volunteer to help. They get in line and serve their term as president of the congregation or the homeowners' association. When the committee is looking for the next chair, they don't look down at their lap: they look ahead and agree to lead.

10. They say yes. No matter what the question, they say yes. If it's an invitation to dinner, they say yes. If it's the pancake breakfast, they say yes. If it's a dinner with some people they don't really know, they say yes. If it's being the master of ceremonies at the elementary school talent show, they say yes. They always say yes no matter what the question.

You can be a “lucky” lawyer too. You can grow your practice with luck if you'll do some of these things lucky lawyers already do.

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