Keep Your Address Book Updated—Automatically

Another email hits my inbox.

It's from a guy I deal with all the time.

This time, way down in the signature block, is something I haven't seen before.

It's his new email address.

Of course, I don't notice it. Who looks at signature blocks?

Thankfully, a new service I'm using—WriteThat.Name—notices the change and makes a record of it.

Later in the day, I get an email from WriteThat.Name advising me of all the address changes and phone number updates it noticed during the day. Of course, it also grabs the same info from anyone sending an email to me for the first time.

The WriteThat.Name email asks me whether I want to include the changes and additions in my contacts list. Mostly I tell it to go ahead and update or add the new info. It's quick, easy, and automatic.

Scanning your emails is painless after you grant access to your account. No human reads your email, and WriteThat.Name promises to immediately delete your email after analyzing the signature info.

We use Google Apps, and WriteThat.Name integrates perfectly. It also works with Outlook, Lotus Notes, Salesforce, and Highrise. It has a free plan (which I'm using) and paid plans with additional features.

This is my kind of application. It's easy to set up, and it quietly does its job. My address book is up-to-date, and it requires minimal effort on my part. I like it.

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