Are You Afraid to Survey Your Clients?

We'd all like to know how our clients feel about our service. I find universal agreement on that idea.

Many lawyers survey their clients to find out what they're thinking about their experience with the law firm.

However, some lawyers hesitate. They'd like to do the surveys, but they're afraid of the responses. They don't want to hear bad news.

Relax. You're not going to get bad news.

You're going to hear some good stuff. You're going to gain some insights about how you can go from good to great. You'll like the feedback.

How do I know?

I know because the upset people usually don't need a survey in order to express their vexation. They've already voiced their concerns. They're the ones yelling and screaming at you and your staff.

The upset people don't hold back: they call, they e-mail, and they send nasty, certified letters. You already know what those folks have to say.

The other people—the majority of your clients—have thoughts that will help you grow and improve your practice.

Go ahead and ask them what they think. You'll be happy you did.

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