The Cloud Wars are On. Take Advantage of Your Options.

Google Drive launched a big pricing attack on cloud storage. Google is undercutting Dropbox, Box, and most of the others.

Google is charging just $9.99 monthly for a terabyte (that’s 1,000 gigabytes). Dropbox charges the same amount for one-tenth the space.

These are good times for customers like us. Prices are dropping like a rock, and we can expect more bold moves as the competition heats up.

Is Switching Worth the Hassle?

The tricky part of taking advantage of the price drops (and new features coming quickly) is moving your data. It’s a hassle to switch providers. For most of us, switching means downloading the data and then uploading it all over again.

The download/upload routine makes taking advantage of the price drops difficult. It’s not worth the hassle of moving your data.

What if you could move your data automatically?

An Easy Way to Transfer Data

That’s where Otixo comes in. It connects your cloud accounts and allows you to transfer data without downloading the data to your local storage.

Yesterday, I moved 300 gigabytes of data from Bitcasa to Google Drive. I then moved another 50 gigabytes from Dropbox over to Google Drive. It was smooth sailing.

I did all that moving while I’m still on the 14-day free trial with Otixo. I hate to cancel without paying, but I’m not sure I’ll still need the service now that I’ve moved the data. However, Otixo does do some other cool stuff:

  • Access all of your cloud services (about 30 of them) with a single login,
  • Search across all the services at once,
  • Access all the services from a single mobile app,
  • Drag and drop files from one service to another, and
  • Connect your team and share files through “spaces.”

If you’ve ever moved large amounts of data from one service to another, you know it can be a major hassle. You’ve got to keep the connection going and monitor the progress. You’ve got to check files when the process is interrupted. Otixo does all that for you, and you can just let it run without paying attention. You don’t even need to keep a browser window open.

Otixo provides a 14-day trial and then charges a one-time fee of $39.99 that gives you access to the web tool plus all the mobile apps. You can pay more for premium support, but I haven’t required it so far.

Now is the time to take advantage of the file storage discounting and promotion going on. Otixo makes it easy to do so.

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