Why Doesn’t Your Website Get Visitors?

Most attorney websites get very little traffic. If you start asking around, you'll find that many of the lawyers you know get fewer than 1,000 visitors per month.

Many of those visitors land on the site by mistake. They look at one page and hit the back button, never to return.

If you don't have a website stats service running on your site, you should check out Google Analytics: it's free.

Why don't more people come to your site?

What's the problem?

Is it your lack of search engine optimization?

Is it your lack of social media action?

Is it your lack of YouTube videos or video generally?

Nope: that's not the problem.

The problem is there's no reason to visit your site.

There's nothing there. It's a bunch of crap about you and the lawyers in your firm. It's boring, useless garbage.

Your site has “practice areas,” “attorney information,” “firm information,” and maybe a “resources” page. Some sites have a “blog” with horrible articles written by a blogging service and posted weekly.

These sites offer nothing helpful to the visitor, so naturally, on the rare occasion when someone wanders to the site, the visitor quickly departs.

How do you get visitors to come to your site and stick around once they get there?

You make the site useful and interesting. You give them solutions to their problems. You help people.

What happens when you're not feeling well? When you get sick, you go looking for a cure. Take a look at WebMD as a good example of a site offering solutions. Contrast it with the site of Drs. Tirandaz, Brown, Hammack, Sury, and Shah (who I'm sure are perfectly good doctors). WebMD is useful. Tirandez, et al., have a useless site. It's like most lawyer sites.

Type “stomachache” into WebMd, and you get articles, diagnostic tools, videos, etc. You can read about stomachaches all day.

I can't type “stomachache” into the Dr. Tirandaz site because it doesn't have a search box. However, I can determine that the office has free WiFi in the waiting room. See what I mean? Useless (although I do love some free WiFi).

If you put useful stuff on your website, you'll get traffic. It's really not rocket science. Build it, and they will come.

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