My Favorite E-mails

Divorce Discourse reaches its audience in several ways. Some people visit the site. Some people subscribe to the feed with an RSS reader. Many people subscribe by e-mail.

The e-mails go out at 11 AM (Eastern) each day, and they're sent with my personal e-mail address as the sender.

That means that at about 11:01 AM, I get a bunch of automatic e-mail replies from people who are “out of the office” on vacation. Many of them indicate the dates of the vacation and that they “won't be checking e-mail” while they're gone.

I love those e-mails.

Those e-mails mean you're taking some time away. You're disconnecting from the office, from the clients, and (sadly) from my daily updates. The time you're taking is recharging you, rejuvenating you, and hopefully helping you come back to the game ready to take on the world and do a great job for your clients.

So, do you have your next vacation planned?

Is it on the calendar?

Have you booked a flight, a hotel, or a campground space?

No excuses! You deserve it, and there's an option for every budget. Your clients will survive. They'll be right here waiting for you when you get back.

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