How to Get Prospective Clients to Visit Your Website

How much traffic is she getting to her website?

Next to none. The report shows fewer than 1,000 visitors per month. Drilling down shows that most of the visitors visit one page and leave. Those who stay spend about one minute on the site before heading off.


It’s simple. There’s no reason to visit her site. She has nothing interesting, useful, valuable, entertaining, or helpful on her site. There’s no there there. Her site is filled with information about her law firm, directions to the office, biographies of the lawyers, and testimonials from her clients. It’s interesting to her, but not to her visitors.

Her website says, in summary, “Enough about you, let’s talk about ME.”

This page (featuring a video), Funny Cats Compilation, had more than 70 million visitors in the past year. The visitors stick around after landing and enjoy the video. This page works.


Because it’s worth visiting. It’s interesting.

If you want more website traffic, then you need to provide something worth seeing.

Since you’re a law firm and not an entertainer, I’d suggest educational, informative, helpful, and valuable information, forms, tools, guidance, and advice.

Take it out of your head, put it on your site, and share it with people, and the visitors will come. They’ll spend time on your site, they’ll come to trust you, they’ll call your office, they’ll come in for an appointment, and they’ll hire you to help.

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