Here’s How to Start Marketing Your Practice

Which marketing strategy should you choose?

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“I have trouble focusing on my marketing.”

“I’m not sure where to start.”

“Once I start, I get pulled in different directions.”

“What do I need to do first?”

I get it. You’re getting conflicting advice. Then you’ve got vendors pitching you on different marketing products and services. Then the lawyer down the hall tells you something she’s doing that’s working.

You’re not sure what to do and, once you start doing something, it’s easy to be distracted by the next thing because it might be better.

Today, in the spirit of any path is better than none, I’m going to tell you exactly what to do. I’ll keep it simple, and I’ll give you a simple choice. I’ll also guarantee you that your choice will work if you follow my advice.

Your Decision Tree

Here’s the choice. Pick one:

1. Website

Focus on your website. Build it out. Get help if you need it. Make it the leading resource in the world for your practice area in your geographic area. If you practice employment law in Maryland, then make it the best employment law site for those needing advice and information on employment law in Maryland. Seriously, make it the best in the world. Don’t stop until you’re proud to tell people it’s the best anywhere on the planet.

Or (remember, you should pick only one):

2. Network

Get to know people. Do it systematically. Build relationships with people who can and will send you a steady stream of referrals for the next 40 years. Get to know them and their families. Build trust and connection. Have lunch, coffee, and dinner together. Go to games and shows together. Become friends and help one another. Introduce your network members to each other and build even stronger connections. Don’t stop until you have a network that keeps you so busy that you barely have time to call your friends.

Pick one. Stick to it. Stay with it longer than you think you should. Don’t let shiny objects distract you. Both of these options will work if you’ll keep doing it.

Now you know what to do. Go do it. It’ll work. I guarantee it.

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