How to Build Your Social Media Team

I’d like all of our employees engaged in social media. I’d like them out there saying good things about us and interacting with current, former, and prospective clients. I’d like them engaging in building our reputation by telling stories about the things we do and the people we help. I’d like them building relationships with referral sources and helping others when the opportunity arises.

All in all, I’d like them to be visible, social, engaged people working in unison to grow our practice.

Of course, I live in fantasyland.

Have you tried to get your lawyers engaged in social media? Mostly it doesn’t work. How about getting everyone else on board? Works better, but mostly it doesn’t work either.

What to do?

Start hiring with social media in mind. Make sure your applicants are engaged on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Find out whether they blog. Check out their YouTube channel. Be sure they participate in social media already. Don’t try to change them after you hire them.

How about soliciting applicants via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook? Put the word out through your network. That gives you a head start on social media engagement: at least the applicants know someone using social media. Maybe instead of submitting a resume and cover letter you can simply have them friend you on Facebook or join a group or connect with you on LinkedIn. We’ve tried having them create and post an introductory video to YouTube. These are all ways you can test their comfort level with social media and get a glimpse into their lives.

I’m getting too old and too tired to try to change people. It’s much easier to hire for the right talents, skills, and interests from the start than it is to get people interested in something they don’t get. Shifting your hiring approach will help you find what you’re looking for.

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