Is Someone Listening To Your Cell Phone Calls?

I consider myself a technology guy. I love to buy gadgets, I read tech blogs and listen to podcasts and try hard to keep up with developments. Somehow, however, I missed something – big.

This week one of our clients called and asked about software that allows for remote cell phone listening, SMS text interception, call history logging and location tracking. She’s worried that it’s installed on her phone.

I’ve spent about an hour searching around on Google looking at these products. An example is FlexiSpy. There are many others. These products claim to do all the things mentioned by our client, and more. Some of the products even allow for listening to conversations happening near the phone, even when you’re not placing a call.

I’ve attempted to find some objective testing of these products and haven’t been able to find much of anything. The Google searches I ran reveal hundreds of entries from vendors selling the products. There are more than a few hundred reviews of the product mentioned above, but they all seem to come from vendors selling the product. I didn’t find a single independent review, but there is so much out there that I could easily have missed it.

I did a bit of searching on “rip-off” and “scam” sites and couldn’t find anything helpful there either.

It’s hard for me to imagine that, if this software works, it’s legal but, I haven’t done the legal research.

My objective is to give you a heads up and to ask for your insight. Have you seen clients using the software? Is it legit? Is is legal? What’s the deal?

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