Marketing Tip for QR Code Experimenters

I write these articles for a pretty broad audience. Some of you are tech and marketing neophytes. Some of you are very advanced. I try to make sure we've got something for everyone.

Today I've got a tip that is kind of advanced, but it might serve you no matter what level of expertise and experience you have with regard to marketing and technology.

Some of you are experimenting with QR (Quick Response) codes. These are the codes (like the one pictured here) that link to something on the Internet.

Someone seeing a QR code can point the camera on a smartphone at the code and, using a special application, have the phone read the code and take whatever action is prescribed by the code.

For instance, if you have an iPhone and have the Scanr app installed, you can scan the code to the left and you'll be directed to our family law website.

What are lawyers doing with QR codes? They're putting them on business cards, brochures, and advertisements and using them on websites. The codes can be used to download vCards, send visitors to websites, etc. The use of the codes is limited only by your imagination.

Now for the tip: When you're using a QR code to direct a user to a website, it's important to direct the user to the mobile version of the website. Don't direct the user to the regular version of the site, or the user will be frustrated by trying to use the site on the tiny mobile screen. Remember that most QR code users are using their phone to interpret the code, so they're going to be using the phone to view the site. You need to assume that they need the version of your site scaled for the tiny screen.

Our site, the one I've linked to in the code above, is set up to determine whether the visitor is on a computer or a phone and then serve up the right version of our site. That way, mobile visitors see one version, and other visitors see the other. You always want to make site visitors comfortable by serving up the version of the site that most readily meets their needs.

Lots of marketers are using QR codes to deliver visitors to the non-mobile version of their sites. That doesn't make sense. If you're going be on the leading edge, then make sure you're doing it right. Use the mobile version of your site with your QR code.

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