Why Your Point of View Is Alienating Your Client

Let's generalize about what we do. Basically, I think our work involves two skill sets.

There are the technical skills: things like drafting, researching, thinking, appearing in court, etc.

Then there are the personal skills: things like listening, connecting, empathizing, etc.

I’ve asked many lawyers how much of each skill set is required to perform with excellence in our work. On average, I’d say we believe that the job is 80% technical and 20% personal.

I’ve asked the same question of clients and prospective clients. They have a different opinion.

Our clients believe that the job is 80% personal and 20% technical.

One survey I recently reviewed asked clients why they fired their lawyers.

Here’s what they said:

  • 7%: Excessive price
  • 15%: Technical quality deficiencies
  • 10%: Other reasons
  • 68%: Individual treatment

If you’re a 20% “personal” believer, you’re likely to know some of the 68% who felt treated badly.

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