How to Get That Power Outlet at the Airport

How is it possible that they’re adding power outlets in airplanes and there are still so few outlets in the airport? It’s got to be cheaper and easier to add them in the building than it is at 30,000 feet, right?

Usually, I get to the boarding area and look for an outlet. There’s one. It’s prefect, it’s right next to an empty seat. Unfortunately, it’s got two power cords plugged in and there are only two outlets.

The solution? Carry the Belkin Mini Surge Protector with you in your bag. Approach the other power user and ask if you can unplug for a second so you can insert the Belkin. Viola, you’ve got extra outlets.

The Belkin also comes in handy when you get to the hotel where outlets are sometimes more scarce than in airports. You can plug in three power cords (maybe two if you have a big block thing on your cord). You can also plug in two USB devices in need of recharging. Most smart phones and some other gadgets can charge on the USB and keep your AC outlets free.

If you’re feeling generous, and your the first one to the outlet, you can even offer to use your new gadget to help out another power starved traveler. Maybe you’ll make a new friend.

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