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Want to look more professional to potential clients and referral sources? Do you feel embarrassed about telling people your email address? For less than $20 and under an hour of your time, you can set up a professional email address that you can confidently give out to contacts and add to your business cards. Follow the lessons in this course and improve your image as a serious attorney in 5 easy steps.

In this course, we’ll be covering:

  • Why you should be using a custom domain for your email.
  • How to purchase a custom domain if you need one.
  • How to set up your domain with a business email provider.
  • And, how to use a domain you already own with a business email provider.

At the end of this course, you’ll have your own personal email address at your custom domain set up with the business email provider of your choice, with the ability to add additional accounts for employees. We’ll show you a variety of options and packages to choose from later in this course.

Google Domains

Migrating mail and contacts to 365

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