Same Service. Different Fee. Why?

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The difference is not the complexity of the service. It’s not the quality of the work. The difference is neither reputation nor experience. The difference is not market size or the economic condition of the community. The difference is not the office space, the furniture, or the engraved business cards.

When you buy something, you feel the thoughts of the person selling it.

That’s why some lawyers get big fees and some get small fees, in exchange for delivering the same service.

Different lawyers earn different fees for the same work–sometimes even in the exact same case. The lawyer on one side gets a big fee, while the lawyer on the other side gets very little.

What are you thinking?

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you deliver value? Do you believe you are the best solution to the problem?

You might think you need to wait for your time, but I’ll warn you: many lawyers who wait find that their time never comes. Why? Because, on some level, they still think they’re “faking it,” and the buyer believes them.

Some lawyers believe in the value of what they do. They know, deep in their hearts, that they are the best solution for the client’s problem. Their clients pick up on the belief, and they come to believe it too.

Other lawyers hesitate. They aren’t certain. They aren’t sure of themselves, their offerings, or the value they’re delivering. Those thoughts come through as well.

Can you think of a single instance where self-doubt led you to deliver a better product? Give a better performance? Tell a better story?

Your clients are going to feel your thoughts. What are you thinking?

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