Which Software Offers the Fastest ROI?

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The day starts, you draft documents, do some legal research, talk to clients and take notes and the day ends. You look at your time sheet. You’ve worked 9 hours. You’ve recorded 6 hours of your time. How did that happen? Where did the 3 unaccounted for hours go?

Chrometa answers that question. You install the software, it runs quietly in the background and at the end of the day it tells you where the time went so you can bill it. It also, and this is a bit disturbing, tells you where you wasted time. Among other things, it tells you how much time you spent on Perez Hilton, ESPN.com or Politico.

We don’t bill by the hour so the software has limited application in our environment. One of our lawyers gave the software a 30 day free trial and found it quite helpful for helping him organize his day and improve his use of time. In fact, one of Peter Drucker’s suggestions to improve your time management skills, is to carefully track your use of time for a period of several weeks. In today’s computer centric world Chrometa makes tracking your day much easier.

The software sells for $49 for a single user with discounts as you add users. In addition to a free trial they offer a money back guarantee. Thankfully, they don’t require a credit card number to take advantage of their free trial. I love that.

How long would it take you to recoup your $49 investment? My guess is that Chrometa pays for itself on the first day – before you go to lunch.

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