These are the tools and products we use and recommend.


  • Rosen's Rules: Free 10-day online course setting forth the essential rules to follow in order to grow a successful practice.
  • Networking 101: More clients via referrals without ever attending a networking event. Here's the system to follow for the highest marketing Return on Investment of your time and money.
  • Systems: End all of your time-consuming management nightmares and cut out human error. Your firm will be running more efficiently than ever, earning greater revenue while you do less work.
  • Rosen Institute Premium: Membership community of successful lawyers growing practices with 24/7 Slack communication, Masterclasses, Behind the Scenes tours, Marketing Reviews and Office Hours calls. Lawyers helping lawyers generate more business, happier clients and a systematic approach to greater productivity and rewards.


If you look at nothing else on this page, these are the four that you should know about. We recommend these resources again and again. We use them because they work, and we're confident you’ll agree too.

  • Rosen Advertising: Handles our pay-per-click advertising on Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn. Rosen Advertising is (obviously) run by a relative – my son, Toby. He has been handling our ads for a couple of years and we're earning an incredible return on our investment. He's one of those young guys who grew up with technology and just gets it. He's doing sophisticated things for us with ads, remarketing and video advertising on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you're not getting revenues of 10-20x your ad spend then you need to talk to him.
  • Search Engine News: Essential reading – I haven't skipped a month in more than a decade. You're paying someone for SEO services and you likely don't have a clue whether they know what they're doing. Get educated. We've subscribed to Search Engine News for more than a decade and their advice has helped us achieve astonishing website traffic from Google. What more can I say? There is nothing you can buy that delivers more value.
  • Ruby Receptionist: We outsource all of our phone answering to Ruby. When you call our firm and press zero on the auto attendant, you're talking to Ruby. Oddly, we get more compliments about Ruby than we ever did about our in-house team. Initially, we experimented with using Ruby as a backup service and then we went all in when it worked so well. You'll get $100 off your first invoice if you use my link. They don't charge a setup fee so you'll be up and running in an instant.
  • SweetProcess: We use this to document our systems and procedures. Our entire team has access so they know how to do whatever needs doing. Your systems are your business. Most of us lack an easy, accessible, comprehensive approach to documenting systems. SweetProcess gets us where we need to be when it comes to getting things done. Turn your 14-day free trial into a 28 day free trial by (1) registering for the 14-day free trial and (2) sending an email to mentioning our special code “White Oak”.

Websites, Blogging and Hosting

  • WP Engine: This is the service that hosts our sites. We've tried them all and this one is simply the best. WP Engine provides powerful, robust servers with excellent stability and customer service. They don't provide all of the flexibility of some other providers in an effort lock things down and prevent issues. We're making tradeoffs in favor of reliability and we're very satisfied customers.
  • CoSchedule: It's a calendar on steroids. We use it to schedule content for our sites. It's tightly integrated with WordPress and it allows for assigning and tracking tasks among multiple team members. It's the secret sauce that keeps us on schedule and productive which results in fresh material on our sites. Freshness matters in the eyes of Google so CoSchedule helps us rank well in the search engines results.
  • WordPress: The #1 Blog Publishing Platform. Free and easily customizable with wonderful support. All of my sites use WordPress as the content management system.
  • GoDaddy: They handle our domain registrations and they get the job done with very good customer support.
  • Social Warfare: If you're linking to your social media profiles from your site then this WordPress plugin will turbocharge your system. We use it. It's the best we've found.
  • Yoast: They provide a number of excellent WordPress plugins for search engine optimization, sitemaps, etc.

Office Systems

  • DocuSign: Works great for obtaining digital signatures. We use it for client agreements and whenever possible otherwise. We've incorporated it into our practice management system so certain documents are prepared and sent for signature with one click.
  • Google G Suite: Email, Calendar, text, spreadsheets, etc. all safely managed in the cloud by Google. We trust them. Easily manage your entire team's online collaboration and communication tools.
  • LastPass: No more having to track down passwords for associates. Share passwords with your team safely and securely. No one but you will know the actual password and you can change it as often as you like.
  • Sanebox: Stop the email insanity! Sanebox does an amazing job of sorting and preparing your email for review. Instead of being overwhelmed by email you get it under control. It's the only way I've ever achieved “inbox zero”. It works with most any email system and it has all kinds of features that get you organized and save you time. They offer a free trial.
  • Simple Certified Mail: Certified mail is a hassle. This vendor makes it easier plus it's cheaper than paying at the Post Office. No-brainer.

Email Marketing

  • Gmass: Email marketing is powerful and this tool makes it especially easy to blast out emails straight from your Google email account. New features keep rolling out, but Gmass has one benefit that really stands out – very high deliverability.
  • ConvertKit: We've tried them all (aweber, mailchimp, infusionsoft, getresponse, pardot, etc.) and ConvertKit stands out for offering amazing features at a great price. It's our primary email marketing solution now and we can't say enough good things about the product.


  • Freedom: Shut off your access to Facebook, Instagram and the New York Times so you can get some work done. I use this product to lock down my web browser and phone to force myself to focus. Get 20% off of any plan if you use the code FREEDOM20OFF.


  • DUFL: Business travel without luggage – they ship your packed bag, you wear the clothing and put it back in the suitcase. You drop the bag at the front desk, DUFL picks it up, cleans your clothes, and the bag is ready for the next trip. Amazing. I use it. It works perfectly.

Remote Work

  • TorGuard:  Working from coffee shops and other remote locations presents risk to the data you transmit over the public wifi network. A virtual private network (VPN) helps to keep your private information private. This is the service I use because it's cheap and easy to use.

Voice Communication

  • Vonage Business: We've been using Vonage Business since before it was called Vonage (they acquired Vocalocity). It's a great system for any business and it's perfect for providing phone-based systems for your remote team.
  • Ruby Receptionist: We outsource all of our phone answering to Ruby. You'll get $100 off your first invoice if you use my link. They don't charge a setup fee so you'll be up and running in an instant.
  • UberConference: This conference call service is inexpensive and incredibly easy to use. They're one of the few services providing an up-to-date interface and user experience. They bring all the bells and whistles you'd expect to an industry mired in the dark ages.
  • Zoom: Host webinars with up to 100 attendees via desktop, phone, or tablet. It also permits live video or screen share, an essential tool for webinars.


  • Print Postage on your computer. No trips to the post office, better than a postage meter.
  • VistaPrint: Shockingly well-priced printing with very good – not great – quality. We’re using them for business cards, letterhead, and postcards.
  • EA Help: Advertised as American Executive Assistants, you won't have a problem with this group.


  • SmartShoot: These folks shoot our videos. They're an Upwork for video.
  • Wistia: This is where we host our videos.

Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Research

  • Search Engine News: We've subscribed to their publications and relied on their advice for more than a decade. What more can I say? They are awesome and acting on their advice has kept us at the top of the search engine rankings. There is nothing you can buy that delivers more value.
  • Yoast: They provide a number of excellent WordPress plugins for search engine optimization, sitemaps, etc.

Advertising Stuff

  • Google Adwords: If you want to begin advertising on Google, you can select keywords and locations and you pay each time someone clicks on your advertisement.
  • Rosen Advertising: Handles our pay-per-click advertising on Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Email Subscriptions & Marketing

  • Aweber: A very powerful email opt-in service and email marketing/broadcasting tool. We use it for broadcasting our blog posts.
  • ConvertKit: Email marketing and automation tool that allows you to create email sequences and segment users based on what links they've clicked in your emails.


  • Google Analytics: Google’s free website tracking and analytical tool. A must have for anyone with any type of website.


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