How to Get the Really Big Cases

Are you hitting a home run? If not, network!

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Networking works. I’ve said that before. I’ll keep saying it. Why?

Because it works, and I’m trying to help you. I know, networking isn’t cool. It’s not magic like lookalike audiences on Facebook. And, truth be told, I love me some magic. We use magic here, and it makes us money.

But magic money is chump change compared to networking money.

Magic money comes in as dribs and drabs. There’s a $10,000 fee. Then there’s a $13,000 fee. Then there’s a $9,000 fee. It adds up, but it’s nearly always smallish matters. The magic results in some decent cases, and sometimes they blow up and turn into something spectacular. But mostly the magic results in singles and doubles. Rarely does magic result in a home run.

Networking, though. Networking is home run material. Networking is where the big cases come from. Networking is where you get the complex matters with complicated people. Networking is where the big money plays. Networking is where you go from little league to the big leagues.

Are you playing for singles? Or are you ready for a home run?

Take my networking course if you like. Or—and this is what you really ought to do—call another lawyer for lunch. Do it right now. Pick up the phone and dial. It’s not magic. It’s not cool. But it’s what works.

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