Podcast: Get Out Of Your Own Way And Assume The Sale

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Your client came through the door wanting his problem solved. You’ve now offered a solution. He’s in your office and ready for action. You look at him with a long pause, stare at him with concern, glance quizzically, and ask him what he wants to do. Isn’t it obvious?

He didn’t go to the pool for a swim, to the spa for a massage, to the car repair place for a tune up. He came to a lawyer to get a legal problem solved. You’ve shifted gears from a confident leader who just defined the path to victory into a person who needs permission to go forth and fix the problem that’s making them unhappy.

You’re acting like taking action is optional. He didn’t come to you for optional, he came to you for a solution. If the problem is real and painful, if you have the solution, then it’s time for you to lead the way.

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