Podcast: Life as a Digital Nomad Lawyer

My wife and I have been jumping across Asia and Europe for over two years.

Following my posts on Instagram, it’d be easy to get the impression that I’m in 24/7 vacation mode. I’m not. Nomadic life is a chance to work in new places and explore during off hours. It’s still real life; it’s just life somewhere interesting.

While I’ve been traveling, I’ve let the success of my law firm back home serve as a gauge of worthwhileness. Fortunately, it’s been growing better and faster than when I was deeply involved in the day-to-day minutiae. Maybe they needed me out of the way.

It’s not all fun and play, but it’s one of my most fulfilling experiences yet. If you’re even curious about transitioning to remote work, give this episode a listen. I’ll help you head in the right direction.

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