Podcast: Outsourcing Your Way To Massive Productivity

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Right now, as I write these words, I’m doing several other things simultaneously. I’m not multitasking. More and more experts are piling onto the idea that there really isn’t any such thing as multitasking anyway. Multitasking at work is kind of like texting while driving. It doesn’t end well.

In South Africa I’m ordering a book from an online bookstore and having it shipped to a Rosen Institute Premium member.

In Northern California I’m building an iPhone and an Android app and the latest version of the code is being uploaded to our GIT repository as I type here in Sicily.

In Russia I’m getting my online business management system optimized so that we do a better job of requesting testimonials.

In Poland I’m having additional templates made for my WordPress website.

Yep, I’m doing five things at once.

How, am I doing it all? Of course the headline gave it away… I’m outsourcing.

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