Podcast: The Transition to Less Stuff

How to live with less stuff

I read an article recently stating that there are enough storage units in the United States to house the entire U.S. population.

Most of us have lots of stuff. It lives on shelves in our closets and collects dust in the attic. When we run out of room, we shuffle it to a new resting place.

I was a stuff collector too. Now, I live entirely out of a single carry-on bag, and I never run into a situation where I don’t have what I need.

It’s necessary for a nomadic lifestyle, but it’s also freeing. Reaching the point where my wife and I are today didn’t happen overnight. Press play and follow me as I walk you through exactly what we did to condense our lives.

It started in 2011, in the attic of our 3,000 square foot home…

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