Short, Simple, Easy Law Firm Marketing Plan

Marketing is important. Having a plan is essential. Sticking to that plan can make the difference between success and failure.

But plans get complicated. Complexity is the enemy of execution and the cause of much of our procrastination. When things become challenging, we put them on the back burner.

I’ve written an extensive law firm marketing plan. It’s not particularly complicated, but it stretches over 6,000 words. It involves lots of steps for you to take, week by week, over the year.

However, it’s easy to get distracted from a big plan by daily client calls, emails, deadlines and the pressures we face, so today I’m giving you an alternative plan. Many of us are more likely to do something if we keep it simple.

If you execute this plan, you’ll build your practice. It’ll grow steadily. It’ll become more profitable.

You’ll do very, very well. I promise.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Daily call

Call a lawyer about lunch, coffee, or just to chat. Make the call first thing in the morning. You’ll probably reach voicemail. Just leave a message and let them drive the process forward from that point.

Here’s what you say on voicemail:

“I’m Lee Rosen. I’m a lawyer. Please return my call. I can be reached at 919-787-6667. That’s 919-787-6667.”

(Ideally, you’ll use your name and number instead of mine.)

Here’s what you say when you reach them:

“I’m Lee Rosen. I’m a lawyer. I’m working on building my practice and I’d like to take you to lunch or coffee, or just pop by your office to meet you. I’m totally flexible. I know you’re busy, but I’ve heard great things about you and would love to spend a few minutes getting to know you. May I buy you lunch please?”

Once you say all that, stop talking. Listen. Give them a chance to respond. Don’t make it easy on them by filling the silence. Let the pressure build. Most lawyers will accept your invitation.

Of course, some will reject you. Some won’t. Before you know it, you’ll know more folks who are willing to help you. Knowing more people is essential.

The world is made up of land, buildings, and people. Those are the pieces on the game board. Start moving the pieces and make something happen.

2. Daily words

Write 1,000 words per day. What should you write about? Answer the question you got yesterday from your client.

Again, do it first thing in the morning. Daily discipline is the key here. The words need to be good enough – not great. Just do it.

This article is more than 700 words. I wrote it in ten minutes.

Yes, I’ve written lots of other articles and I have some experience. But so do you. You’ve been writing since long before law school.

Fundamentally, we’re writers. It’s a big part of what most of us do. We write contracts, pleadings, briefs, emails – we communicate in writing every day. Luckily, the written word happens to be what prospective clients want to see when they go hunting for information about solving their legal problem.

Put the words you write on your website. Instead of telling everyone how good you are at what you do, show them. Demonstrate your expertise by explaining things, talking about how you solved the problem you faced, and – most importantly – helping the reader see that you know what it feels like to experience their problem.

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At this pace, your website will have 200,000 words by the end of 2018 if you write Monday through Friday. It’ll be the most informative, useful, interesting website in your practice area before you finish the first year.

Eventually Google will find you. You’ll rank well because Google knows that real people find your information useful.

The more people read your words, the more calls you’ll get. More calls means more clients. The money will flow. This works.

That’s really it.

Marketing doesn’t need to be complicated. It doesn’t require complex thinking, fancy design, or outside vendors. You can do this if you’re determined, disciplined and persistent.

If you follow this simple plan, you’ll get more clients.

Is that simple enough? Yep.

Will it work? Only if you follow it.

Will you follow the plan? Only you know the answer to that question.

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