Podcast: What’s the Best Medium for Bad News?

How to break bad news to a client

Delivering bad news is dreadful.

But there are plenty of times we need to deliver bad news to a client:

  • there are no good options,
  • the budget is restricting,
  • we screwed something up, or
  • we lost.

In this episode, we’re focusing on how to tell your client “We lost.”

In many respects, the medium for delivering your message is as important as the message itself. The more intimate the medium, the more beneficial it will be for your practice. Today, you’ve got a multitude of options. Pick the right medium for your message.

Delivering bad news never gets easier. But how you communicate will have a long-term impact on your client. You have the opportunity, if you pick the right medium, to build on your client relationship even with bad news.

It’s possible for you to lose a case but receive referrals from your client for the rest of your career.

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